Grand Canal barriers

Our Chair Kevin Byrne talked to RTÉ News about the barriers along the Grand Canal and the desire of local residents to see the return of this public amenity.

"It was understandable as an emergency response in the wake of clearing the tent encampments that have been allowed be established on the canal. But it's a very blunt intervention and it's certainly not an adequate long-term response."

"Fencing off scarce greens space is not something you want to see in the city. And this canal is widely used by joggers, walkers, people reading a book or having a coffee and so the loss of that to both visitors and locals alike is a big loss that we'd like to see rectified."

"We welcome that Waterways Ireland are recognising it's undesirable. But the timeline on removing it would be a bit disappointing. It means we lose the summer. It's a key public community space and a green space in the city."

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Barriers at Grand Canal could be in place until October
Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024